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Can I invest through Mainvest if I'm not in the US?
Can I invest through Mainvest if I'm not in the US?

Learn how to invest in local businesses in the US.

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Mainvest is a Regulation Crowdfunding portal operating in the United States. We are only able to host offerings from issuers based here in the US. However, we understand that international investors may be interested in investing through Mainvest.

Because all investments and repayments are processed via ACH, investing on Mainvest requires linkage to a US checking account. Additionally, we are required to run KYC/AML checks on all users, and investors must provide a US address and phone number even if it isn't the primary residence of the user. At different levels of investment, additional information including a social security number or government-issued ID may be required. If you are an international user looking to make an investment and have additional questions or are facing roadblocks, please contact support.

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