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How can I engage the Mainvest network?
How can I engage the Mainvest network?

Updates, emails and more!

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Once you have done the legwork of getting your initial $10k of investment from 10 individual investors, the easiest and most direct way to engage the Mainvest network is to post an update to your campaign. Every time you post an update, all of your current investors and anyone watching your campaign will be notified via email directly to their inbox.

These updates can include things like:

Fundraising Updates

  • Ie. We met 50% of our goal! Announce noteworthy moments ie. obtaining a lease or building out a location Share pictures of menu items, etc.

Respond to Comments

  • If someone comments in the discussion section on your raise, your responses will be shared. Investors oftentimes have great questions and you can clarify a lot by responding.

Share News About Your Business

  • Maybe your build-out is in process and you want to share some photos. Maybe you changed your menu or released a new beer. Or maybe you just opened your doors to the public. All of these things are newsworthy and worth sharing with the Mainvest community.

If your campaign is growing fast, you’ll have the opportunity to be featured in one of our weekly emails featuring top trending businesses. The more time you spend sharing your campaign with the world, the more the Mainvest community will see your investment campaign.

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