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Can I change my minimum/maximum targets?
Can I change my minimum/maximum targets?

Yes, but this is considered a material change.

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You are able to increase or decrease your investment targets, but similar to extending your campaign, changing your targets is considered a material change. We will need to amend the terms of your offering with the new date and have you sign off on a new agreement.

Once this is complete, we send an email to all of your existing investors asking them to reconfirm their investments. You are able to include a “quote from the founder” in this email to the investors explaining to your investors why you are making the change. Investors have 7 days to reconfirm their investments before we have to cancel them. We send 3 follow-up emails during that 7 day period to remind them to reconfirm.

If you are interested in adjusting your investment targets, please discuss with your Mainvest rep.

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