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Can I extend the end date of my campaign?
Can I extend the end date of my campaign?

Yes, but you’ll have to reconfirm with investors.

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If you decide you would like to extend the end date of your campaign, we must notify your investors of this change and reconfirm their investment. We will need to amend the terms of your offering with the new date and have you sign off on a new agreement.

Once this is complete, we send an email to all of your existing investors asking them to reconfirm their investments. You are able to include a “quote from the founder” in this email to the investors explaining to your investors why you are making the change. Investors have 7 days to reconfirm their investments before we have to cancel them. We send two follow-up emails during that 7 day period to remind them to reconfirm.

If you are interested in extending your campaign, discuss with your Mainvest representative.

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