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What is the $10k/10 investor rule?
What is the $10k/10 investor rule?

Learn when you're offering is displayed to the Mainvest community.

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By raising capital on Mainvest, your network and community can become truly invested in your success. This is about more than just financing —this is an opportunity to build customer loyalty and generate buzz for your business. Once your business has $10,000 invested from 10 unique investors, your page will be featured on the Mainvest businesses page and map. Until that point, your page is still public and can be viewed by anyone, but it will be easiest for potential investors to find you by sharing the unique link that goes directly to your Mainvest campaign.

Before you launch, map out your personal network of friends, family, co- workers, former classmates, etc. Getting an initial amount of money in your campaign from your immediate network is crucial. These are the people that are most likely to invest in you and your success. You have a better chance of converting strangers into investors once you have a base amount of money in your campaign. It’s a lot easier to earn the trust of strangers once you can show them that your immediate network believes in you.

*Businesses who have competed successful Mainvest campaigns and launch second rounds are not required to meet this criteria.

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