All information on your business profile is public when your offering is live on the Mainvest platform and on file with the SEC. Additionally, all material information about your offering must be disclosed to investors.

This includes:

  • Text, pictures, videos, links and everything else input when building out your profile (publicly listed on the Investment Opportunity tab of your investment offering)

  • Anything in the Data Room (such as balance sheets, your business plan, financial forecast and condition, risk factors, and more)

  • All Updates your business profile posts to a campaign

  • The entirety of the Discussion section and your responses

If your business’ offering was previously funded (or no longer accepting investment) and you do not have another investment campaign live on Mainvest, there is less information publicly listed.

The public information available post-raise includes:

  • Text, pictures, videos, links and everything else input on the Investment Opportunity page if and only if the information is checked off as “Contains information about a Mainvest raise” in the profile editor.

The only information kept private on Mainvest is your personal contact information (email and phone number), bank account information, any government IDs you upload, and your bad actor checks (unless something comes up that we legally need to disclose).

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