Can I invest with an LLC?

Yes - learn how here.

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Yes! However, to verify your account, we'll first have you sign up as an individual so that we can verify your account with our banking partner. Once you're verified, we'll switch your account information over to your LLC so that investments are made via the LLC, not your personal account.

  1. Enter your personal details at We will change this to your LLC name once you're verified so that investor agreements will be ultimately made under the LLC name, not in your name personally.

  2. If you're investing over $5,000, add your social security number for additional verification. If you're investing over $15,000, please add a photo of a government ID as well.

  3. Link the bank account associated with the LLC.

  4. Reach out to support to let us know that you'd actually like to be investing with your LLC, and we'll switch out the information once you've been verified in our system individually.

  5. Invest!

We appreciate you taking the extra step to verify your account before investing with your LLC. If you have any questions please reach out to support.

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