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Where can I learn more about the businesses?
Where can I learn more about the businesses?

Mainvest aims to provide extensive access to information on every business we list - learn where to find what.

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When you navigate to a business offering page on Mainvest, you are presented with extensive information about that business and its’ public profile. This main page will include things like the business name, type of business, address, website and social media links, the pitch, investor perks (if they have them).

If you’d like to review more extensive information on the financials of the project, you can click into the data room. Here you’ll find graphs on the intended use of funds, summary of terms, the business’ financial condition, and risk factors specific to the business. You are also able to view important documents such as business plans, income statements, and certain SEC filings in this section.

To see the latest updates from the campaign, the updates tab is where you can find the most recent posts from the business. You can also use the discussion section to ask the business owners specific questions or share why you invested.

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