Historically (prior to December 2021), the only way to make an investment on Mainvest was to link a bank account. In a new product update, Mainvest now allows investors to make investments from a debit card. In this article, we'll run through the process of linking a debit card, restrictions and fees associated with debit cards, and the repayment process.

Linking your debit card

Linking your debit card to invest is simple. In your dashboard, you can manage all payment methods in the "Payments" tab. Choose "link a debit card" and enter your card number and expiration date. From there, all you have to do is complete your profile information, and you'll be able to start investing.

We won't process your investment until the cancellation window of an investment campaign closes. This means that you will not see the charge until 48 hours prior to the close of each campaign. We've done this to reduce potential friction in processing refunds.

Note: If you already have a bank account linked, we recommend keeping it, as there are investment limits and fees on debit cards, and you'll still need your bank account to receive repayments.

Limitations and fees

While debit card investments can be less burdensome, uncomfortable, or time consuming for investors, there are some restrictions to consider. Due to limitations with our banking partner, we can only process a maximum of $5,000 worth of investments through a debit card. If you wish to invest more than $5,000 (either in one transaction or across multiple investments), you'll need to link a bank account.

Mainvest charges a 2% fee associated with debit card transactions.


Because repayments are made via ACH transfer, Mainvest still requires a bank account to process repayments from investor custodial accounts to individuals. The benefit of using a debit card to invest is that you can make your initial investment seamlessly, and have at least a quarter to figure out your preferred method of bank linkage to receive potential repayments.


My card won't link

Ensure that it's a debit card and not a credit card. We are unable to process investments via credit cards at this team.

My investment is still pending

We won't process investments on debit cards until 48 hours prior to the close of the campaign in order to reduce friction in potential refunds.

I'm getting an unknown error message

Make sure that there are no typos in the card number. Please reach out to support so that we can investigate further.

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