Does Mainvest operate outside of the US?

At this time, Mainvest only works with businesses in the US, and investors must have a US bank account.

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Because Mainvest uses a US exemption to operate as a Regulation Crowdfunding portal (under Title III of the JOBS Act, 2016), we only operate within the United States at this time. This means that we only work with businesses registered and based in the United States. Our most common verticals are:

  • Hospitality: breweries, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries

  • Retail: brick and mortar boutiques and food shops

  • Cannabis: dispensaries, cultivation facilities, manufacturing

Investors are not required to reside in the United States; however, all investors must have a US checking account in order to invest due to our banking partner. All investments are transferred from individual bank accounts to an escrow account until funds are transferred to businesses (only upon a successful raise) via ACH transfer.

If you do have a US bank account, you're able to link it to your profile using Plaid or through microdeposits. See this article for more information on linking your bank account. You still need a US address associated with the account, though it does not have to be an address at which you reside.

As of October 2021, we are working through expanding access to investment to overseas investors through credit card or SDIRA investing. More information will become available about these alternatives as soon as possible.

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