How do I find investors?

Learn how to get investors for your campaign.

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By raising capital on Mainvest, you have the opportunity to engage with your community and get your supporters literally invested in your long-term success.

While Mainvest does have a growing userbase of investors, the most common and proven way to obtain investment is by pursuing a marketing campaign and reaching out to investors directly.

Direct Pitching

In order to launch on Mainvest, you should have a list of 10-20 potential investors that you feel comfortable pitching directly. Whether these are colleagues, friends, family, or outside investors, it's best to secure interest before your campaign goes live in order to build momentum. Validation from your direct network will build confidence for strangers and outside investors who don't know you.

Digital and Print Marketing

We recommend a well-rounded marketing strategy, spanning advertising, print marketing (flyers, postcards, etc), email, and social media. We have also seen success with partnerships and events. Reaching as many people as possible- from existing fans and supporters to strangers- is the key to gaining traction with your campaign.

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