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What is Mainvest's role for businesses?
What is Mainvest's role for businesses?

Read more on what Mainvest provides when you list your business on our platform.

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We are FINRA member firm licensed to act as an intermediary in Securities that are offered and sold under Title III of the JOBS Act, also known as Regulation Crowdfunding.

Before your raise

As a funding portal, we:

  • Select which Issuers to list on our platform, by among other things: Conducting background checks on the issuer and its principals Conducting due diligence to have a reasonable basis for believing the issuer is complying with all of its obligations Conducting due diligence to have a reasonable basis for believing the issuer has established a means to keep accurate records of the holders of its securities

  • Advise Issuers about their offerings, and help prepare offering documents

  • Screen investors to ensure that they satisfy applicable per-investor limits

  • Provide communication channels between you and your investors

We do not guarantee success nor that you'll be approved to raise on Mainvest. We also do not provide extensive technical support (building projections, business plans, etc) outside of our existing tools except in certain circumstances.

During your raise

  • File your raise with the SEC to ensure compliance

  • Provide guidance and technical support for your raise

  • Provide digital and print marketing support at certain points in your raise

We do not solicit investors on your behalf, and we determine marketing support based on objective criteria such as the amount you've raised, time remaining on the platform, etc.

After your raise

Mainvest facilitates repayments and communications with your investors. Each quarter, you'll upload a revenue report, and our platform calculates repayments to investors. We then process those repayments directly to investors. Our platform also has multiple tools for you to use to get in touch with investors and provide regular updates. We also keep in touch to provide overall support to your business on a case-by-case basis.

We do not provide legal nor tax advice.

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