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What is Mainvest's role for investors?
What is Mainvest's role for investors?

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We are a FINRA member firm licensed to act as an intermediary in Securities that are offered and sold under Title III of the JOBS Act, also known as Regulation Crowdfunding.

While in someways similar, being a Funding Portal isn’t the same as being a registered “broker-dealer.” We are not a registered broker-dealer.

Think of us (and every other Funding Portal) as a marketplace, or a shopping mall, bringing together companies and investors. When you invest, you are not investing in us or in any entity affiliated with us. You are investing in a third-party business that has chosen to raise money using our marketplace.

As an intermediary, or marketplace, we do not guarantee any particular outcome and are not responsible for what happens to your investment – all investments are undertaken at your own risk. We also do not guarantee the accuracy of the information you receive from issuers. Our job is to facilitate investments and help ensure that transactions between investors and issuers meet legal requirements.

For open offerings

We provide technical support to users of the platform and are able to advertise and market the offerings actively raising capital on our platform. If you have questions about how Mainvest works, are looking for help setting up your account, or have an inquiry unrelated to a specific offering, we're happy to help. However, we do not:

  • Offer investment advice or recommendation specific strategies or securities

  • Guarantee any particular investment outcome

  • Speak to investors about the merits of any particular company or offering

If you do have questions about a specific offering, the best initial course of action will be to use the public discussion section to get in touch with the business owners directly.

For closed offerings

When it comes to businesses in your portfolio, our role as an intermediary is still limited. Mainvest facilitates communications between investors and businesses through a private discussion board and by providing businesses with investor's contact information. Occasionally, we will work directly with businesses on ensuring regular updates to investors. However, we are not a collections agency and cannot take legal action on behalf of investors, nor provide legal or investment advice to investors.

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