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I'd like to cancel my investment. How do I proceed?
I'd like to cancel my investment. How do I proceed?
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You can cancel your investment up until 48 hours of its close through your dashboard. Navigate to your Portfolio, click on the investment that you wish you cancel, and proceed with cancelling your investment. You should see your investment refunded to your bank account within 5 business days.

If you have reconfirmed an investment in an offering that is participating in an early close or a rolling close- meaning they've begun to withdraw funds before the offering has ended, or has extended to a second campaign- you may not be able to cancel your investment, as it may have already been withdrawn by the business.

If you've invested in an offering that has closed, you are unable to cancel your investment and are bound by the terms of the revenue sharing note. If you have concerns about the progress of the business in which you've invested, or general questions about your investment, you are welcome to contact the business owner directly.

If none of these situations applies and you wish to cancel, please contact support.

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