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Why should I use a checking account with Mainvest?
Why should I use a checking account with Mainvest?

Checking accounts are preferable to other types of accounts on Mainvest.

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In order to invest in small businesses through Mainvest, you'll need to link a bank account. This is so that we can process your initial investment as well as any future repayments. At this time, Mainvest has the ability to link checking accounts, business checking accounts, savings accounts, and checkbook IRA accounts.

Checking accounts are preferable for use on Mainvest because they tend to have the fewest restrictions on transactions. It's also typically easier to set up a checking account quickly and securely using Plaid.

Savings accounts can be used on Mainvest, but per federal regulations, there's typically a limit of six transactions per month on certain transfers and withdrawals from your savings or money market account.

If you have any questions about linking your bank account on Mainvest, please contact support.

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