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Link your bank account using a voided check
Link your bank account using a voided check

If you don't wish to use Plaid to link your bank account, you can send a picture of a voided check to us instead.

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Mainvest requires bank linkage in order to securely process investments and repayments. We recommend using Plaid to link your account, but if you don't have online banking credentials or prefer not to provide them, you are able to link your account by sending us a picture of a voided check.

  1. Write "Void" onto a check to the account you wish to use.

  2. Take a picture of that check.

  3. Upload the image to your profile at

Make sure that it's a picture, not a scan of the check. Once you've uploaded it, you can proceed with investing immediately while our team verifies the image. Bear in mind that due to the verification process, there may be a 2-3 business day delay in processing your transaction.

Reach out to with any questions.

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