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Do I need to link a bank account to invest?
Do I need to link a bank account to invest?
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Yes. Mainvest requires that you link a bank account before investing so that businesses are able to provide you with financial returns.

Mainvest offers two methods to securely connect a bank account:

Log in to your bank account online

You can link your account in just a few minutes using the username and password associated with your bank account. Mainvest has partnered with Plaid to facilitate this process. Click here to learn about Plaid's security practices.

Enter your account and routing numbers

Alternatively, you can enter your account and routing numbers. We will transfer two "micro-deposits" (each less than one dollar) in 2-3 days. Once you've found them in your bank account's transaction history, you can log back into Mainvest and enter their exact amounts in your account settings to complete the process.

After logging in, visit to manage the bank accounts linked to your Mainvest account.

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