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What happens when a business does a "Rolling Close"?
What happens when a business does a "Rolling Close"?

How they work and what it means for you.

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A business can withdraw funds early once they hit their target in what’s called a ‘Rolling Close’. As part of a Rolling Close, every investor will receive an email notification letting them know that they have five days to cancel their investment (from the first email notification). After that five day notification period the investments will be locked in and withdrawn by the business - at that point the investment can no longer be cancelled or refunded to the investor.

If this happens, Mainvest will notify investors 5 business days before closing the first portion of the business' funds. Anyone who had invested prior to this notification will be able to cancel their investment up to 48 hours before the early disbursement.

The business will then proceed to raise funds up until the final closing date of the offering.

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